EB-1 Green Card

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The Benefits of EB-1



EB-1 Extraordinary ability green card application allows you to receive a decision on your immigrant visa petition and, potentially, your green card, in as fast as two weeks. Yes, you read it right. Two weeks may be all it will take to resolve your immigration problems

once and for all.

Of course, this would require the payment of a one-time premium processing file to the USCIS to ensure the two week processing timeframe. Of course it will require the most thorough and absolutely flawless preparation of your case. However, it is possible.

Another important benefit of an EB-1 extraordinary ability green card application is the fact that you can file this application with absolutely no involvement on the part of your employer. Frankly, you do not even need to tell your employer about the fact that you have filed this application. (At least until after it is approved!) After all, freedom is what America is all about…

Finally, an important advantage of EB-1 filing is the fact that you may apply for and receive an employment authorization and on advance parole (document which allows aliens to leave the US and return without a need for a visa) for yourself and all your family members within approximately 90 days upon filing of your EB-1 green card application if you file it jointly with an application adjustment of status.

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